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    we are career builders

    The compass aligned by corporate learning is, identify required manpower from the market,
    train & certify them whose basics are on par to the corporate expectation.

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    Corporate Learning is the only
    licensed training partner for NASSCOM for AP and Odisha.

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    Corporate Learning offers you an unique opportunity
    to assess yourself in every phase of your learning.

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    INSPIRING self discovery

    We believe in the importance of building the "spiritual capital" of the business.
    This is the capital that reflects shared visions and values, and that gains the respect and admiration of the people

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    HOLISTIC Training & Development

    We understand how vital it is for training and development of the people, to be structured "Holistically".
    We therefore combine company goals, values and visions with departmental requirements, to provide dynamic holistic solutions that WORK.

Welcome to Corporate Learning

We are a firm whose people enjoy helping our clients achieve their most ambitious talent hunt
assignments/ career profile dreams. We put in late nights and work over weekends because we want you to be successful.

Core Values

We are bound to our core values

Vision Statement

Creating World class Education & Building Talent in today's market, to shape tomorrow's selfless global leaders and building the No. 1 partner for exceptional delivery & Value add.

Mission Statement

Working together with client, we still strive to provide the highest learning opportunities with cost efficent modules. We aim to create responsible, independent individuals who have skills to grow & aspire to learn to build their career.

about us

In a fast, modern and ever changing corporate world, Organisations are faced with a new set of “people dynamics and “new-age challenges. Corporate Learning is originated to provide solutions to these daunting challenges through effective, creative and dynamic new thinking.We are experts in bringing companies “Alive”! While Executives concentrate on fighting for the business success, perfecting strategies, increasing profits and outwitting the competition, we assist by inspiring their vision throughout the organisation!!

What we do

We motivate and inspire people by setting their minds and spirits free. We encourage them to discover a whole new way of thinking and entice them to explore new and exciting adventures along the journey to self discovery. A virtual voyage into an exciting positive way of being – a place where trespasses will NOT be prosecuted!! We believe in the importance of building the “spiritual capital of the business. This is the capital that reflects shared visions and values, and that gains the respect and admiration of the people of the organisation. The result is a company filled with inspired people who are enthused and are highly motivated, who all share the same vision and values and who strive collectively to achieve the same goals.

Corporate Workshops
Talent Acquisition
Skill Evaluation

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our services

Corporate Learning has adopted a “fresh look" at training, coaching and developing people
to meet the ever changing needs of companies in the 21st Century.

Corporate Workshops

Planning and organizing creative workshops that inspire and motivate the delegates.

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Aligning certified profiles for the interview helping in catering key points.

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Employability Skills

Offering skill development to bridge skills and requirements at the best.   

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CRT Programs

Helping Global Clientele ensuring their people are kept motivated, inspired, focused.

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CRT Instrument  Coming Soon

The CRT Instrument is online testing software is the best quiz maker for colleges & businesses. Used for business & training tests; recruitment & pre-employment assessments; practice tests & more.

Give secure online exams to your exact requirements with features such as time limits, public & private test access, randomize questions, instant feedback, multiple choice, short answer, essay & more question types

our clients

Creating World class Education & Building Talent in today’s market, to shape tomorrow's selfless, global leaders.

contact us

We strive to provide you good Services. If you have questions, comments or enquiries about any of the services we provide or the capabilities we have, just fill out the form below.


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That's all you need to!!! We will get back to you soon.